Offices & Co-Working Spaces

For the technical requirements of your office or co-working space, we provide a comprehensive package designed to suit your needs. Whether it's setting up new workstations or updating IT infrastructure alongside office renovations or during regular operations, we serve as your dependable partner, capable of handling all aspects of the job.

Personal Advisory

We're also eager to learn more about the challenges you're facing or the aspirations you have for your workspace.

Are you encountering issues with connectivity or seeking to enhance your office's WiFi accessibility? Perhaps you're considering transitioning to an electronic check-in system? Are manual processes taxing your team's productivity, prompting a need for digitalization? Or, are you looking to revamp your website to provide clients with expanded online services? Let's discuss how we can help elevate your office experience.

man in blue and white plaid dress shirt using macbook pro
man in blue and white plaid dress shirt using macbook pro
Site visits

After understanding your needs, we'll arrange an on-site meeting to discuss the spatial layout and potential implementation strategies for your Offices & Co-Working Spaces. We'll assess existing and required hardware and cabling, including desk setups, Wi-Fi access points, printers, security systems, and smart door locks. Our services can be seamlessly integrated into ongoing operations or planned renovations.

After the site visit, you'll receive a comprehensive implementation plan detailing all necessary tasks and associated costs for hardware, installation, and maintenance. Depending on the project's scale, an initial deposit may be necessary.

black floor lamp on living room sofa
black floor lamp on living room sofa
Fixtures & Fittings

We specialize in the installation and setup of your office appliances and amenities, aligning with your specific requirements and spatial constraints.

Whether it's surface-mounted installations in cable ducts, concealed placements above suspended ceilings, or flush-mounted configurations, we ensure seamless integration while adhering to your tenancy agreement. Our services extend to concealing WLAN access points and sound systems, providing a tailored solution for your office or co-working space.

person holding black and green power tool
person holding black and green power tool

For both newly installed office systems and existing networks, we provide extensive maintenance contracts designed to alleviate your maintenance burdens.

Our services encompass not only installing updates and customizing network configurations but also monitoring critical devices and delivering proactive support to swiftly address any issues.

a close up of two people shaking hands
a close up of two people shaking hands

Our services

We offer you comprehensive advice, installation and maintenance so that you can concentrate fully on your business.

Consulting and planning

Analysis of the existing infrastructure

WLAN signal quality measurement

Monitoring of network components and internet connection

Advice on the Internet connection

IT security


Hardware procurement


Installation and connection work

Network rack installation

Assembly work

Device and network configuration


Monitoring of network components and internet connection

Monitoring of network security

Telephone support to suit your business hours

On-demand technicians on site

Update service

Regular quality checks and advice on scaling in line with requirements

Get in touch

person using black iPad
person using black iPad

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